M.A-pharm Pte Ltd will help you moving ahead your business globally:

• Effective strategy to access the market
• Tactical program to launch your product
• Development of scenarios for your commercial structure
• Creation and implementation of the commercial team, including training

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M.A-pharm will help you moving ahead your business globally ■
M.A-pharm is a hands-on partner working as an Angel for your management team ■

M.A-pharm Pte Ltd is a hands-on partner working as an Angel for your business:

• Advice for your management team on business strategy
• Product portfolio strategy & Life cycle management
• Forecast modeling and (re-)structuring of distribution
• Sales force management
• Business development:
due diligence, new molecules, new partners, market expansion in Europe

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M.A-pharm Pte Ltd will help you with the appropriate profiling of experts.

It has the skill and talent to assist you managing delicate relationships with
key stakeholders, from KOLs up to governmental bodies.
M.A-pharm Pte Ltd scope of services includes:

• KOL management
• Creation of scientific board
• PR support during local/regional events, scientific symposia and launch events
• Strategy targeting governmental bodies and healthcare stakeholders

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M.A-pharm will guide you for appropriate interaction with experts ■
  EMMANUELLE RIBOT-MARIOTTE (director of M.A-pharm)  

Emmanuelle has a track record of successes in pharmaceutical and life sciences companies (Aventis, Pfizer, Esai, Essilor…) for over 18 years.

She is a recognized expert who delivers on time with the highest standards of excellence and ethics

• As Marketing Director, she managed a large CNS portfolio, while working with KOL to develop the first digital tool to help diagnosed Alzheimer.

• After 7 years in Essilor group where she built and trained sales force teams in major countries from Europe, Middle East and Africa, Emmanuelle, successfully organized and structured the French Affiliate of an international pharmaceutical company.

• As General Manager, she led the board of directors to improving commercial effectiveness, to implementing financial ratios and supply chain KPI, while managing directly Market Access and negotiation with governmental authorities for a new to come specialized antibiotic. As a result, the affiliate demonstrated one of the highest financial progression in the group

• Emmanuelle Ribot-Mariotte held a scientific diploma in Cellular and Molecular Biology, and a master degree in Human Physiopathology. She is graduated from ESCP and INSEAD.

• She has credentials in “Managing Digital Disruption”, "Leading Innovation", Health Economics and Multicultural Intelligence.

Emmanuelle Ribot-Mariotte
has the expertise and talent
to help you Moving Ahead
your business.

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